An Introductory Post

I’m an eclectic-brained daughter, wife, and mom. Currently approaching cronehood. The kids are grown, I’ve been empty-nesting for 8+ years now (it’s a process!). I juggle the changes in my body, marriage, and work life like a jester. It’s entertaining and sometimes excruciatingly embarrassing.

As an avid reader, I’ll be posting book reviews, favorite authors, and any other book related topic my brain fishes out of the ether.

I love to bake and cook so there’s a great chance that I’ll be posting pictures of things I’ve baked and great recipes I’ve found. I believe in real food, so I try to use the purest ingredients that I can afford. I have some recipe websites that I adore and will reference those if I use one of their recipes. I am learning about jelly making right now. I’ve made blackberry and strawberry jams so far. Not too bad for my first try.

I’ve tried my hand at herb growing. I have a huge Rosemary bush guarding the front door. Other than that, I’ve not been successful in getting them to grow all season. This Florida weather is brutal in the Summer.

I am a dreamer and have lots of ideas and plans of things I want to learn how to do. If you stick with me, we can try our hands at some of them. Maybe you can give me some tips and advice if you’re an old hand at some of these crafts. I am interested in learning to knit, sew, garden, and repair things around my house. Oooh, and I want to start a bee hive, though it’s expensive and that will take some time. Imagine the candles I could make with the wax!

And down the rabbit hole…. Bye for now.

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